I’m currently in a “writing” phase but I bounce between that making (bad) music and putting things on my bio like “aspiring animator.” At my heart, I’m probably a painter. Even when doing digital or vector art, my soul beats expressionism colorful blobs everywhere. It informs my every love of everything around me. A cat, a plant, the sun. It’s how I see the world now.

I live in Florida, and I live a boring uneventful life with my mother and sister. I own four cats now: a little terror named Frisk, her shy almost-feral mother Hazel who is adorable, my cat Lucky whom I love with all my heart with all his weird quirks, and my utterly fat lovable blob Oreo. If you’d like to see more of my pets, just ask. I probably don’t post about them very much but I probably ought to post more!

I had three goldfish at one point but now we’re down to two. I have one struggling bonsai and another bonsai that seems like nothing on this Earth could possibly kill.

I want to finish my pitch bible for Sparse the Series by the end of 2020. Get back to me on that one.

– 10/01/2019

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